Velocity commercial capital business report

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Crowdfunding Industry Statistics 2015 2016

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Velocity Mortgage Capital

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Here's an experience report with Velocity Capital (lender) and OCWEN (loan servicer) Summary: Do not do business with them. In my case, they made a huge mistake with insurance and failed to pay property taxes -- on a loan that had an impound account.

Established inVelocity Commercial Capital is a portfolio lender to real estate investors and small business owners nationwide through its Velocity Mortgage Capital division. Velocity actively manages over $1 Billion in commercial real estate loans and securitized assets.

About Company VELOCITY COMMERCIAL CAPITAL, LLC operates as a Foreign Limited Liability Company with business ID VELOCITY COMMERCIAL CAPITAL, LLC was formed on Monday 4th Juneso this company age is eleven years, fifteen days.

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Velocity commercial capital business report
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