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Channel 92 HD News Live 92 News commonly known as 92 HD News Live is an Urdu language news channel established in Pakistan. The channel is more famous as due to the fact that it possess the honour to be the first HD news channel of Pakistan.

J&K: Azadi will never happen, says Army chief to Kashmir youth; highlights

Gail's first US LNG vessel reaches Dabhol terminal; to build Rs cr breakwater soon - The first liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipment from the US arrived at the Dabhol terminal of state-run gas major Gail.

Al-Jazeera - Get latest news on Al-Jazeera. Read Breaking News on Al-Jazeera updated and published at Zee News. Narendra Modi - Get latest news on Narendra Modi. Read Breaking News on Narendra Modi updated and published at Zee News.

In my last blog, I told the story of a baby who was having a tough day. Some commentators wrote to say they felt unsettled by what I’d written. They wished I had ended the piece with ideas about the kind of steps readers — especially parent readers – could take to guard against the possibility of a .

Zee business reporters
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